About Santhome Matrimony

Welcome to the Marriage Information Centre at National Shrine of St Thomas Basilica

The National Shrine of St.Thomas Basilica is built over the tomb of Apostle St.Thomas. St.Thomas one of the twelve Apostles of Jesus Christ came to India in A.D.52, martyred in A.D.72 and was buried here in Mylapore. There are only three Basilicas built over the tomb of an Apostle. St.Peter's at Rome and St.James at Spain (Compestella, Santiago) are the other two. There is an underground tomb chapel below the Basilica. Saint John Paul II(who was the Pope then) visited and prayed at this tomb on 5th February 1986. St.Thomas who brought christianity to India is considered to be the Father of Indian Christianity.

How to Register

1. A Photograph preferably taken in a studio

2. A Letter from Parish Priest is compulsory stating the Marital status

3. A Xerox copy of all the Education(completed) Certificates

4. Registration Valid for 12 months only

5. Contact Members only via email

6. Subscription will not be refunded under any circumstances

7. Registration Fees Rs. 1,000/- only for one year

8. Online registrations / payments not accepted